Saturday, 26 January 2013

By Felix Brambaifa

The cries of heaven so unknown
But yet lingers through the night
All that she seek is her own
Their freedom from illusory fright

But the veil so long maintained
Provokes their conditioned bigotry
The fanaticism religiously sustained
Without the prodding of rational enquiry

She begs for her children's choice
To comprehends life's metaphysics
For that enlightenment through their voice
To make the spiritual their basis

 Before her all men stands equal
And her divine will without favour
Prepares men for life's trials and fall
Born not as victims this reality must devour

But through hardship come to evolution
The fabric through which gods are sewn
And so aligned to heavens true intention
And our once illusory reality made anew

Come to her without claims of right
For are we not all from the source
Propagated by her procreative might
That we can despite our diversity unite

My path shall unto that end engage
Like the solitary vigor of an hermit
Embracing the routes of ancient pilgrimage
Making the life of the mystics my habit