Monday, 22 April 2013

Felix O Brambaifa

What path must undoubtedly lead there
Such as the mystics once knew
Embraced by the ambitions of man
But known only by the diligent few

Some proclaim its content be
The scriptural confusions of priests
Whose ranting can unveil nothing
But their hunger during religious feasts

Man no longer behold the answers within
Because the illusions of appearance beckons
He calls the manifestations of change, miracle
Because of ignorance, the crown of his treasures

      The road is assuredly within
      From whence all can be clearly seen

Stop this foolish unholy parade
Of being constantly contrite and above faults
For it is against the patterns we were made
To walk our trials upon Gaia’s face

Our errors made are truly ordained
The mirror to verify our innate deficiencies
Not the mortal sin our souls so stained
Must beg cleansing from the great above

In humility not guilt we must stand
Even when misconduct seems to prevail
The purpose is of a transcendental kind
Of which through failures perfection becomes

        The source God is but only spirit
        And through spirit him we shall meet

In prepared silence we must all call out
Not to the assumed falsities of clergies
Whose concerns are powers over others
But to spirit, aloof all mortal vices

The concealed cause of our existence
The surest bridge to that great yonder
Obstinate before man’s spurned confusions
Above that which mans ignorance can plunder

It was through spirit the path was forged
Through spirit the celestial pact eternally made
Through spirit can we find the source God
And into spirit we must return when time do fade