Sunday, 3 February 2013

By Felix Brambaifa
Many years chronicler of our tryst
When our communion held sway
The particulars of that great warmth
Whose fires kindled without delay

It was on that ordained dawn
Our paths interfused became one
As if by Cupids very injunction
Our heart into a synthesis was born

The timidity of youth before you faltered
As my guts made torrents of affirmations
To make glaring the brewing passion within
In words to express without any confusions

But all was to the merit of time
As your honor spoke of that ancient flame
Whose embers your will had once consented
That now an hindrance it was to my claim

Seasons it met, the measurement of my quest
With efforts of love my heart perpetuated its course
Like a mermaid against the current of the waves
Though persistent, it was without the barbarity of force
Then a day only the gods could have prompted
The momentums of your heart you made plain
The very reciprocity to my claims you permitted
And a new chapter of warmth thus enacted

What pledge shall concretize my solemn oaths
To stay the turbulence which in suddenness do sprout?
What will to quell the passions that do demotes
Loves resilience before the perfidy from wanton lust?

Though now I may lack the answers I seek
But through you shall no mystery abound
For when into the limpid streams of your heart I peek
I behold strength, beyond that which is deceit

So let tomorrow come if it must
And to trial put this union we cherish
Then I swear we shall kiss not the dust
Or through pains our love come to perish

For you have become that enduring love
The constant flame within my heart
And my answers to prayers from above
To this end how could I possibly forget?