Tuesday, 25 March 2014

By Felix Brambaifa

The heavens now dark
Must cast her brow below
Her intent so stern
Must judge even the shallow

For man is no longer innocent
The secrets of their hearts lay bare
Is same as the predilection of wild beasts
Whose hunger all must come to fear

As was once the character of ancient times
When ignorance called nature's growl barbaric
And the hinterlands made deity of natural things
Ascribing piety just because their will was then weak

Now be the time of mans own reign
And even the wild wonders at his cruelty
Wondering of what use is the gift of reasoning
If man's will be like beasts led only by instinct

Even the beast now must fear our existence
For such is the implication of man's dominance
To employ the savagery of brute force
And yet feign ignorance of divine ordinance

But for those things in contradiction to balance
Shall their roots be plucked off its foundation
Not for the reasons man desire power
But that all things from God can live in harmonisation

Not simply for the glory of the ultimate deity
but that he may actually come to true rest
Free from the pious rantings of the oppressed
Whose righteousness is like the troubles of a pest