Saturday, 27 September 2014

Nigerian Writer

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 Nigerian writer: Irony

Author-Felix Brambaifa

A place of choice
Outside the forceps of grief
Liberates one's voice
Like a long incarcerated thief

The truth was said
Of when man's need be sated
His greed misplaced
Transcends limit, unabated

Fulfillment is not in numbers
But in the ideas we hold
So it is indeed no wonder
That even the rich grow old

When man desires a thing
His will, soon, deeply perverted
Defiles his natural being
For desires not truly wanted

But in all this
exist a glaring contradiction
Of many a thing gone amiss
As if by heavens decision

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Nigerian writer

Nigerian writer: Thought

Author-Felix Brambaifa

The journey of life
Starts from a conscious thought
Though it be filled with strife
They are wishes brought forth

Everything is but a concept
Crafted by the powers of mind
And in the material, Made manifest
As if by an external hand

Nothing is strange to our unconscious
For within, the seeds of celestial will
Progenitors of every terrible choice
That any man has ever come to feel

What is, was never imposed on us
But crafted by our internal whispers  
We are the origin of the curse
The death of our own existence


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nigerian Writer

Author-By Felix Brambaifa

Nigerian Writer: Persistence

Count not the odds
Nor the pitfalls of before
Stand aground your resolve
Focus on the place ashore

The rigid turbulence
The motions of every day's life
Becomes nothing when silence
Is the will against strife

No trouble is certain
If the refusal is constant
And purpose set to attain
Dreams vague and distant

Attend desires with hope
Until in form, manifest
Persevere, where none could cope
Until achievement in hands,attest

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Nigerian writer
 Nigerian Writer: Departure

Author-Felix Brambaifa

When departure is sudden
Like the gasp of breathe
The heart is then ridden
Like a wood, infested chest

Within which nothing precious
Can come to find endurance
Like a Father's withered voice
Uttering last advice of importance

The pain surges forth
And then it is lucid
A fact among the many sort
Confronting, direct and morbid

It falls, like raindrops from above
To tell a truth, Its core aim
That life without love
Will never be the same

Friday, 4 July 2014

Felix Brambaifa

The heart of love is truth
Its strength, in its root
Its charity in its abundance
Like stars in a celestial dance

Each moment the passing of magic
Potent against the most tragic
Its patterns, indeed most divine
Like illumination, its essence do shine

I pray to come in contact
A union with this ancient fact
When savages make righteous claim
And in gentleness find no shame

I have seen its presence before
Come to reside in our mortal shore
With a message tangible and sublime
Like the medley of natures rhyme

Some say its abode to them unknown
But isn't it to all men clearly shown
That our soul the eternal fount
Humanity, the seed to forever count.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Felix Oyintonbra Brambaifa

The claim of loyalty has run sour
Like soup tainted the night before
The act was at this very hour
An immoral deed without cure

His request met no resistance
For her lust was without limit
It was a tryst by compliance
Her loyalty, feebled that very minute

How sudden the fall of friendship
When lust overpowers common sense
And inflict on trust a terrible hardship
One, at once both rigid and tense

A friend to a  distanced husband
Now a defaulter of morals and tradition
With a wife, a curse unto the land
This hut, now a ground for abomination

Though the act in secrecy retained
Nothing is forever outside of time
Time shall unveil all truths detained
Then even the darkest guilt will shine

Friday, 30 May 2014

Felix Brambaifa

How come life
Is the medium of strife
The source of it all
The height of our very fall

If it is God's greatest gift
Then why is its charity adrift
And its values corrupted
Like evils will adopted

Unto a vile purpose
Intended for man's own lose
The very destiny of his being
The supposed fault of Adamic sin

No man can ask
That which to him is no task
For what is existence
If it was never by our insistence

Life is the makers jest
Lodged in man's panting chest
To find its complete ridicule
When death becomes the rule.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

By Felix Brambaifa

The heavens now dark
Must cast her brow below
Her intent so stern
Must judge even the shallow

For man is no longer innocent
The secrets of their hearts lay bare
Is same as the predilection of wild beasts
Whose hunger all must come to fear

As was once the character of ancient times
When ignorance called nature's growl barbaric
And the hinterlands made deity of natural things
Ascribing piety just because their will was then weak

Now be the time of mans own reign
And even the wild wonders at his cruelty
Wondering of what use is the gift of reasoning
If man's will be like beasts led only by instinct

Even the beast now must fear our existence
For such is the implication of man's dominance
To employ the savagery of brute force
And yet feign ignorance of divine ordinance

But for those things in contradiction to balance
Shall their roots be plucked off its foundation
Not for the reasons man desire power
But that all things from God can live in harmonisation

Not simply for the glory of the ultimate deity
but that he may actually come to true rest
Free from the pious rantings of the oppressed
Whose righteousness is like the troubles of a pest